iPhone X is the best mobile phone we've ever tested

iPhone X
The iPhone X has come and puts a new and annoying animal standard pricey. Apple's final flagship launches at $ 11,000, and you want it with extra storage space, you'll spend almost $ 13,000.

We in Tek have used the fall to complain about mobile prices in many tests. And then we must almost wonder a bit over this too. It's in the most expensive team this is Apple.

And I'm not sure if I'm most pleased or annoyed to find that iPhone X nevertheless deserves in many ways the sky-high price tag.

The coolest iPhone so far

iPhone X has got a whole new design. The frame is unusual in steel, and not aluminum. It's also the first of them with solid screen on the front.

Well, hell and hell. Because it's a bit frightened. It's a little lip that sticks down the screen at the top, and unhappy tongues will cause this to ruin the user experience. But if we look at the competitors, they actually have bigger frames above and below the screen. And even though it's more symmetrical when the screen is off, it means a flat bar at the top and bottom that the screen may use space on additional menus below again.

iPhone X is about the size of the smallest edition of iPhone 8, but the screen is the size of the one you'll find in the Plus model. Photo: Finn Jarle Kvalheim, Tek.noThe iPhone places coverage information and battery information on each side of the small lip, and thus comes closest to being a phone that is just a screen of all the options on the market today. Video and games are nevertheless a theme, but Netflix seems to be the guide here; The video can be maximized to the lip on the screen or past it. Thus, it is optional if the small strip takes up space in something you actually look at or not.

Moreover, the speed of the menus is almost unbeatable. It is bear strong hardware under the glass - it can be compared to what you get in the MacBook Pro entry model.

A totally unique security focus

The camera is twisted and now follows the long side of the phone instead of the short side as it does in the iPhone Plus models. Photo: Finn Jarle Kvalheim, Tek.noSecurity is mandatory today, and especially on the mobile phone that we take with us everywhere and put in our entire lives. Fingerprints have simplified this much over the traditional code solutions, but Face ID, Apple's new technology to recognize your face, simplifies it even more.

After spending solid parts of the test time on finding out how well FaceID actually works, I can only conclude that this is much, much better than Touch ID and the Android world's attempt on similar face-to-face solutions. It's fast and you almost do not notice that the phone has security barriers installed.

Lift the phone. Look at that. It is open

The three freshest iPhone models next to each other. From left: iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus. Photo: Finn Jarle Kvalheim, Tek.noThis has worked well in bright light and in stupid darkness. And it also worked well when the head rests on a pillow just before it is to be sleeped. As usual, the time many take a last look at their emailbox. However, we are not able to dispose of strong sunshine, and some reports suggest that it works slightly worse in such environments. It's also because I'm a short-haired gentleman without glasses, so I may not be the most challenging test object for the function as seen.

But, this works as well as it does, and so never to take a long time or refuse to unlock, making me extremely hopeful for what we can see of apps for iPhone X. The solution is based on a Kinect-like sensor at the top of the phone, and it can be used by app developers to completely other things, if they want.

Good battery life

Some people dislike the screen slider at the top because it may interfere with your content. With Netflix you can choose. Maximize the video to the screen, or fill the entire screen, including the two tabs on each page. Photo: Finn Jarle Kvalheim, Tek.noMoreover, the iPhone X has the best battery life so far from the iPhones. It does not seem to have trouble managing two days between charges. This may be affected by the fact that it comes with iOS 11.1 that will be nicer with the battery than previous iOS 11 editions. 50 percent decline in one day with heavy testing is nevertheless approved and a little bit more.

When the home button is gone, it must be replaced by something. Apple has replaced it with a series of sweep, all of which are so intuitive that you most likely make friends to them in five minutes. Swipe laterally at the bottom of the screen to swap between recent apps. Swipe up from the bottom to get home. Swipe up and hold to get traditional applause.

This solution is simple and intuitive, and more importantly - it is not perceived as overloaded and never stops. It had ruined the experience.

Good camera, both front and back

The camera has gained a quality boost on the zoom front. Both the main camera and the tele camera have now got stabilized optics, and the tele has become more light-sensitive so it can be used more often.

Also in the front, the camera is eavesdropped and can be used for fun things like sending people animated cartoon characters (Animojis), or it can be used to capture portrait mode images where background is unclear.

Currently, the only significant minus with iPhone X is that many apps are not customized for the screen. But it is a consequence that this is the first phone of its kind from Apple and should we try it before the actual sale starts, it also means we try it before all developers are ready with their updates. Some updated and well-functioning apps have everything, but there are plenty of new updates released during Friday and in the weeks to come.[If you use the phone a lot and are willing to pay very much for the very best experience - get it in iPhone X.]
If you use the phone a lot and are willing to pay very much for the very best experience - get it in iPhone X. Photo: Find Jarle Kvalheim, Tek.noThe biggest minus: the price

There are basically no big things to draw on iPhone X, in addition to the price. It costs the shirt, but if you can afford it and are a bit concerned with mobile technology, you hardly get a more elaborate use experience today. And the most important thing about it is due to the slightly criticized lip on the screen with all the sensors. Because Samsung's face lock has a highly different person-to-person functionality, and the two options (iris and face) are bright to light in each of their ways, without being able to switch automatically, Face ID works everywhere and anyway. At least as good as.

And you do not have to clean your fingertips. If there is a message while the phone is on the front of the table, the contents will be hidden until you look down on the phone and iPhone X realizes that it has your attention.

I really do not know if I still want to say that an iPhone 8 at significantly lower price is the "reasonable" choice here. And then Apple has apparently succeeded in justifying the absurd price tag. Most Apple products are so expensive that they have to doubt the right product, and they have now given us the mobile phone on the mobile front as well.