Samsung's attempt two is better but still not on par with the best

Samsung's attempt two
Samsung was out early with full earphones, but their first attempt was simply not very successful . Gear IconX had relatively good sound, but the battery life was so weak that they lasted for half an hour before the plugs were empty.

In addition, the plugs had a tendency to load themselves into the case. The sound, however, meant that we had some expectation for IconX version two.

The sequel is now here and Samsung will first and foremost considerably improve battery life. Five hours of flow, they should hold on to a load, plus the case should contain two extra full charges. The battery life can be extended to seven hours if you play music directly from the 3.4 GB boot storage.

Simple setup

The setup itself is basically very simple. The first time you take them out of the case, the pairing process starts and you can connect them via the Bluetooth menu on your phone. If you have the Samsung Gear app installed on your phone, earplugs will appear automatically after pairing them with your phone. Unfortunately, however, there is no NFC, so it does not bounce up any pairing request as it does with Apple's Airpods on iPhone.

If you are to pair them with a new device, it's a bit more complicated process, but it's no worse than closing the case with the plug inside and holding the mating button on the back of the case to start the process.

Better fit, but maybe not in practice

The designs on the actual plugins remind you very much of the pre-regeneration IconX, but they should have become a bit easier and more ergonomic. It comes with a variety of options for both wings and ear pads, without the undersigned actually feeling that some of them were perfectly optimal. My ears and IconX simply do not get very well together, even though they have gone through during the test period.

They simply seem to have a little limited "sweet spot", so where you feel the plugs have perfect insulation to the outside world and the sound is just as good as it can be, and they glide fast if you yawn or chew. The comfort is also medium: It does not take a long time before the ear rings begin to rub in the ears.

By the way, the first product we received from Samsung seemed to be defective, as the right ear plug played much lower than the left. According to Samsung, it should have turned like a "golden sample", and the replacement model did not have this problem.

Touch Control

The plugs have small touch panels outside. A simple tap pauses or starts the music, while a swipe up or down adjusts the volume. If you hold your finger on the panel, voice control (Samsung's own Bixby, Google Voice / Assistant, or S Voice, depending on which phone you are using) starts. Double tap is used to jump a track, while three pins jump a track back.

It works reasonably well, similar to both connectors, and touch control makes sure you do not push them even further into your ears every time you want a command. At the same time, misunderstandings happen quickly, so you need to give the commands several times to get where you want. It's also a little annoying that it's almost impossible to avoid getting away from the touch panels if you try to adjust the earplugs.

However, we like Samsung's case. It's relatively compact, albeit a little lumpy, but it's very easy to click the buttons in place so you're sure they're loading. The case also uses USB-C for charging and data connectivity, which is forward-looking, and it's easy to see battery status for the front of the connectors.

Good, well-balanced sound

The sound is apparently largely the same as in the first generation, which means that it is relatively good. The sound is nicely balanced, and is useful both with bass punch and details. It may lack some of the touch and airiness, for example, to Sony's WF-1000X and the B & O Beoplay E8 , which we consider to be the two best alternatives, purely audio-visual.

There is, however, a rich soundtrack that emerges from IconX, but they overexcite slightly at the top, and especially S-sounds appear fast as a bit too sharp. It can make the Gear IconX a bit tricky to listen to for a long time, but it depends a bit of the music you listen to. On songs that are not so lightly mixed, it can sound really good.

The sound also twists on some songs when paired with an iPhone, for sure, for which reason, both of the releases we've tested tested. We did not notice that when they were connected to an Android mobile.

New IconX also has both training tracking and a form of joggecoach that gives you directives along the way during the jogging. These, however, we have not had the opportunity to test for now, but will update as soon as we have tried the features. They are nonetheless not important for character and assessment.

Good battery life

As mentioned above, the battery life is set to five hours on a charge when playing from the phone, and there is no doubt that these are significantly more persistent than the first edition. Five hours seem to sound good, and they also leave fast from the case. 10 minutes should be enough for one hour of use. We have also not experienced the problems from the first edition that the plugs have put themselves in the case, and the blue connection has been stable as well during the test period.

The Samsung connectors are also suitable for conversational use. The counterpart's feedback was that we did not just let it be warm and comfortable, but the voice was clear and clear. Unlike some other pods (creamy, Sony), they also deliver the conversation sound in both ears simultaneously, which is far better than the monolith option.

IconX also has a slow delay in trying to watch video from, for example, Netflix, which is definitely not the case with all products in this category. The delay is actually choked bigger with Android products than with iPhone, but fully usable on both platforms. Well done, Samsung.


The new version of Samsung Gear IconX is definitely a significant improvement from the previous model, especially on the battery front. The sound is still good, albeit not as good as on the very best options.

At the current price of $ 2290, the competition is hard and we appreciate the active noise cancellation in the Sony WF-1000X a lot higher than the training features here. The Sony also delivers chopped better sound, while we designally preferred the slightly more discreet Samsungs.

All in all, a better second attempt from Samsung, but the competition has also become much stronger lately.