Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K
The quality of the TVs we buy is getting better and it also makes the content we're looking at. Today, the 4K resolution is the last scream, combined with the new HDR standard. The result is a bright-looking image with more colors and more light than ever.

Apple is now on this wave with its latest version of Apple TV, namely Apple TV 4K.

Like on the outside

The new Apple TV 4K model looks like the fourth generation of Apple TV, and there's nothing negative about it.

The small box is compact and takes up little space on your stereo pen. The only difference we can see between the two models is that the remote control of the new 4K variant has a light ring around the menu button. Otherwise, the dots are the same.

Some of what we particularly like about this design is that it's stylish, something Apple is good at. At the same time, the underside has a good grip, so this is not a device that slides on your stereo pen.

Apple has also solved any problems with heat development in the small power pad. On the underside we find air vents in the circle the device is on, and the reason is that the box has far more power to bid sooner.

Brand new inside

The fifth generation of Apple TV has brand new powers to offer. The 4K version is equipped with far more powerful shooting than its predecessors, and this change is something we like best with the new player.

Under the hood, Apple has collected the same system piece as found in the latest releases of iPad Pro, an A10X Fusion piece.

Unfortunately, measurement programs such as Geekbench are not available for Apple TV, but looking at what the iPad Pro models provide, there's little doubt that this new Apple's power pad may turn out well.

The result is a device that does not need thinking times to perform operations.

In other words, things happen about instantaneously. Compared to, for example, the fastest smart TVs on the market, Apple TV 4K is far faster. For example, if you start the Netflix app, it is up and running a few times after pressing the remote control.

This is by a good margin the fastest power pad we have tested for such tasks.

Final 4K resolution

With so much power available, also comes the next treat. Namely, the introduction of higher resolution and better image quality in the form of 4K HDR with up to 60 frames per second. It's no secret that this requires more hassle from the hardware.

With the 4K resolution, you get far more pixels on your screen, and the result is a sharper and more detailed image.

Combined with this you also get HDR support. This means that the content you are viewing now can be displayed in multiple colors, while the light in the image has a lot more dynamics to play. For example, you can now see details in both the dark and bright parts at the same time. You have not been able to do that before.

If you are a considerate user of this new quality, Apple TV 4K will be one of the platforms for finding the most content. Apple's own video service is constantly updated with movies that are renewed to 4K (free of charge for the movies you already own), and at the same time you have access to many other streaming services on one and the same box. Netflix is a solid alternative here.

And we have to say that the image quality you get from this plug is impressive. Here it is not the hardware that significantly hinders the quality, but rather how much the different power services choose to compress their signal. Be aware, however, that your network line is running when you stream 4K content, where you should have at least 20 Mbit / s to be on the safe side.

At the same time, we must say that it is gratifying to see that this player supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10. In particular, the first one will give great pleasure to the most imagery, where you get dynamic data that allows the TV to change settings continuously from scene to scene.

This way of sending the data will also come in the form of HDR10 +, but if Apple TV gets this support, it's too early to say anything about it.

A minus with Apple TV 4K is at the time of writing that you do not get 4K HDR through apps like YouTube and Amazon. But is probably in place if not too long. You also do not receive Dolby Atmos support at this time, but it is not possible that it will come in the future.

Like its predecessor, you can download apps from the App Store. This gives you far more choices than just having a box that can play movies and shows.

And with so much crush available, it's no problem to download and play the heaviest games you'll find. These slides went smoothly over the screen, and it is fast enough that even the most remembered players should be able to find pleasure in these games.

The remote control itself is part of the experience. Admittedly, it does not manage to execute controls for, for example, Xbox or PS, but you get much the same experience as if you usually play on mobile or tablet.

The difference is that this check is much smaller and more accurate. It may be a small challenge if you are going to use it in the dark. The control is symmetrical in the design, so take some time to turn around that the straight part is not the one you should iron your fingers over.

Exciting TV App

One of the goodies Apple pulled up during its latest launch was an app you could use on, among other things, the new 4K model. Norway was one of the few countries that want to get the app to Apple.

This is an app that only the US public has had access to until now.

The new TV app, which finally arrives in Norway and Sweden during the year, will make Apple TV even better. This solution serves as a kind of huge interactive TV guide that vacuums your content services for information and content.

Let's say you have five to six different content services. Someone who delivers series and movies while others deliver sports. Then the TV app will create a large searchable archive of the content of all these services. Thus, you do not have to switch from Netflix to HBO to Viaplay to TV2 Sumo to find what you want to see. The TV app knows that the episode is available to you and where it is available.

All you have to do is start what you want to look at. All content will be searchable in the same location. For some markets it is also promised that sports results and the like will appear in the service. If you're used to using the guide on your decoder - look for yourself, just a little bit more responsive and visual, and across all of your web services. That's how it looks like in the US today, but just how it will work here in the Nordic region depends a bit on what agreements Apple gets in place here on the mountain.

One of the major changes at the last crossroads was the introduction of the ability to retrieve apps. It offers far better flexibility than before, and takes the bulk box closer to the freedom you have with tablet and mobile.

Together with the forces, some of the annoyances are also forthcoming. For example, when you need to enter a password. We tried a keyboard via Bluetooth, but this time it would not be.

The problem is when entering the original remote control. It's possible to do everything, but it all gets far more decent than if we could use a keyboard for this task.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the new remote control app and use one of these to enter your password and other information on the Apple TV box.

However, if you want to limit the noise to your neighbor, there are still good opportunities for connecting headphones using the same wireless standard.


We have great sense of the improvements Apple has made with its new Apple TV 4K. The things we missed the most with the previous launch are now in place, and not least the things we appreciated in the previous model are still present.

With 4K HDR support, this is the most complete power pad you can choose at the moment.

Now it's more powerful enough to provide even the most discerning TVs on the market with excellent quality. This is thanks to a much more powerful hardware in the form of the A10X Fusion chip.

At the same time, the product is easy to use, especially when Apple users get an even more useful hub between your TV and mobile phone, PC or tablet. Installing this device has been completed in just a few minutes.

With much more effort, loading apps and apps is completely seamless, and we can not get on any other product that is as fast as this to retrieve, for example, the Netflix app. Even the very roughest TVs on the market do not get this fast.

Although there are still some annoyances as a bit slow solution for password entry, there is little we can postpone on this. Instead, we will say that Apple raises the list of power boxes and places competitors in the shadow.

In any case, we have to choose from here on the mountain. Several of the major competitors of Apple's option are on the other side of the pond.

It is simply impressive how much power and quality you get for the around 2000 crowns you pay. A sole recommended product.